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Epic Escape Game Greenwood Village
9600 E Arapahoe Rd 212
Greenwood VillageCO 80112
 (303) 284-9610

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item imageTHE CURSED VAULTOur newest addition! The world's most dangerous artifacts are located, contained, and housed by agents of the covert government agency Warehouse 7. Disturbingly, all contact has been lost with the curator. In his last report, he indicated he would be making changes to the Angel of Death's containment cell in The Cursed Vault. You have only one hour to find out why we've lost contact and secure all artifacts before steps are taken to ensure the safety of the world. item imageLAB DISASTERLabcon is the world's largest marker of laughing gas. A malfunction in the engine room initiated a building lockdown and is now causing the laughing gas to leak into the lab. Your only hope is to get into the engine room and shut off the main control panel. Hurry, you only have one hour before your oxygen runs out... item imageTHE TEDDY BEAR WORKSHOPThe Teddy Bear Workshop was trying to create a "live" talking bear. But something went horribly wrong...They used flash photography...They fed them after midnight. Now the Bad Bears have taken over and plan to make an Army of Bad Bears. Your detective team must find & install the good chip that will reverse the process. Hurry, you have only 1 hour before the Workshop goes into full production of Bad Bears. item imageTHE PRESIDENTS BRIEFCASEThe president's briefcase contains the launch codes for over 4,000 nuclear missiles throughout our country. A terrorist group has stolen the briefcase and intends to launch several nuclear missiles within the hour. You and tour team of elite operatives have located the terrorist group's hideout. Your mission is to secretly enter the hideout, neutralize any terrorists and retrieve the president's briefcase.
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Escape Room in Greenwood Village, Colorado

You're locked in a room, and you have 60 minutes to escape, or you don't survive. Do you panic? Or do you rise to the occasion and prove your worthiness? If you live or work in Greenwood Village, Centennial, Cottonwood, Castlewood, Dove Valley, Foxfield, or anywhere else in the area, we have a great time waiting for you!
Teamwork, cooperation, and analytical skills are all put to the test in the ultimate game of survival at Epic Escape Game in Greenwood Village, CO. We've taken the latest craze of group bonding to the next level in our Escape Rooms. We feature a variety of Escape Room games where cool heads prevail in finding your way out of a locked room. Different clues are hidden around the room and will be the key to your eventual escape. . . that is IF you and your team can find them. This unique, team-bonding experience is perfect for gamers, family and friends, kids' birthday parties, corporate events, tourists, and school groups. Or if you just want to have fun on a date night, come put your skills to the test.
You can choose from a number of Escape Room themes, including The Teddy Bear Workshop, The President's Briefcase, and The Lab Disaster. Each game has its own unique difficulty level and success rate. Losing can be demoralizing, but winning can be ecstasy!


Are you bored of the old “team-building” activities? Then lock your team in a room. They can’t get out unless they communicate and work together to escape! Epic Escape Games offers a unique opportunity for team building/corporate events. It’s safer than a ‘trust fall’ and so much more fun than the usual corporate retreat! Our escape rooms are designed to put your group in situations where cooperation and leadership matter.

Our puzzle sets require teamwork and analytical skills which are key to completing every Epic Escape Game. Choose from three uniquely-themed escape rooms at the Greenwood Village location. All of our themes are family-friendly and work appropriate. Our facility can accommodate small to large groups with a conference room available for a meeting, debrief session, or a catered lunch or dinner.
Call Epic Escape Game at (303) 284-9610 today to schedule your next fun outing.


Don’t have a clue what to do for your child’s next birthday party? We Do!

Be the coolest parent on the block when you bring your son or daughter’s birthday party to Epic Escape Game. Celebrate in style with a quirky activity ideal for everyone involved. We offer live escape rooms for a time of high-pressured fun, excitement, and thrills. Whatever the occasion, we can host your next adult/teen/kid's birthday party, graduation, bachelorette/bachelor party, engagement, anniversary, reunion, going away party, church group, club, or any group get-together. We have something for everyone. So sit back and look like a total rock star for planning such an INCREDIBLE party.

For adults, tweens, and teens, any of our rooms are terrific. Let’s see if they really are as smart as they think they are!

For kids (age 6-12) in the Teddy Bear Workshop, we can change out the puzzle set to one that is perfect for their and their friends' ability level with non-scary thrills and adventure. Or play it as a family and find problems in which all can participate in solving.

Limit is eight to nine people per room. But you can book more than one place for additional fun.

After the escape, you may choose to have cake and gifts in our party room.

* Party room is an additional charge of $25 for two hours. You provide the decorations, cake, and drinks. We do the cleanup!

Call (303) 284-9610 today to schedule an Epic Event that will be talked about for weeks!

We are located at 9600 E Arapahoe Rd, 212, Greenwood Village, CO.

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